www.jobsabroad-bd.com :: First and Complete Overseas Job Portal In Bangladesh.
www.jobsabroad-bd.com :: First and Complete Overseas Job Portal In Bangladesh.
www.jobsabroad-bd.com :: First and Complete Overseas Job Portal In Bangladesh. www.jobsabroad-bd.com :: First and Complete Overseas Job Portal In Bangladesh.

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Professional and skilled job Portal for overseas market - overseas jobs, employment services, executive resume writing, distribution, training and mailing services for executives and professionals.

What is Jobsabroad-bd.com?

Jobsabroad-bd.com is an online solution for all foreign employers and Bangladeshi employees to come together. Jobsabroad-bd.com as a career source is a fast growing online Job Consultant/Portal for job seekers and job providers.

Jobsabroad-bd.com contains targeted high profile jobs and companies, focusing on sending you e-mails with the latest updates and forthcoming job openings with various renowned corporate entities. If you are looking for a brighter career, Jobsabroad-bd.com is a maverick start. Go ahead and get yourselves registered with Jobsabroad-bd.com. For Employers, Jobsabroad-bd.com is a storehouse of CVs that suit to their best professional environment and required job profile.

Why Jobsabroad-bd.com?

Jobsabroad-bd.com is a professional online recruiting service connecting corporations and recruiters with jobseekers around the world.

We at Jobsabroad-bd.com are committed to offer a superior matching service through the use of innovative technology that gives the employers, recruiters and jobseekers more control over the recruitment process.

Jobsabroad-bd.com has identified global hot spots for skilled talent. With substantial experience in this field, we understand the strategic advantages and drawbacks in the global recruiting process. Accordingly, we have created an exchange that delivers remarkable value to all of our users.

How Can Jobsabroad-bd.com Help:

If you fall into any one of the following employment categories, you are strongly advised to take professional advice:

1.Planning an overseas job search.
2.Frustrated in your career, looking for greater challenge, opportunity and a change of direction.
3."Offered" an opportunity at overseas programme by your employer in a location which you do not favor.
4.Working for a new company/company taken over
5.Experiencing a period of unemployment.
6.Currently or previously have been self employed.
7.Utilizing a self prepared executive resume & cover letter that has uncovered few leads.

The Features of Jobsabroad-bd.com:

Job Seekers:
Search hundreds of thousands of jobs, build and post your resume and access thousands of pages of career info and advice

Get instant access to today's most powerful hiring tools - post jobs, search resumes, screen candidates and streamline your entire hiring process.

1. Any Overseas Company Can Advertise their job through this site
2. Any kind of promotional training will be established
3. Arrange Of interviews
4.Sorting the CV according to different demands from the employer /recruiting agency

By mentioning the above points we want to create a happy scenario towards the whole world through www.jobsabroad-bd.com. People who are skilled and willing to go abroad can drive their future to the world by this site.

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As well as letting you know what is needed to succeed at interviews, it goes one important step further and demonstrates how you can prepare your own important step further and how you can prepare your answers, including exercises designed to improve your skills.

Welcome to jobsabroad-bd.com. Only one job site in Bangladesh for overseas job to Bangladeshi skills and professionals.

Actually the outside world has an idea that Bangladesh has only unskilled and illiterate workers- but it is not true. There are hundreds of skills and professionals in our country who are looking for overseas job .But they don't have any suitable platform to submit their data for overseas job market.

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www.jobsabroad-bd.com :: First and Complete Overseas Job Portal In Bangladesh.